Editor’s Note

“In this issue, we will explore all types of stories rooted in the dark – both literally and metaphorically. In reading “Out of the Dark,” we invite you to challenge your beliefs about darkness and discover what it means to the people of Wisconsin. We hope to reveal how they embrace it, expose injustices in the shadows and highlight the unseen with a celebration of the dark. And hey, maybe you’ll come out a little less afraid of it.”

— Margarita Vinogradov, Editor In Chief

Curb 2021

“Out of the Dark” — Some of our most important moments happen in the dark: the peaceful, the tragic, the joyful. We work to reveal how the people of Wisconsin embrace the dark, expose injustices in the shadows and highlight the unseen with a celebration of the darkness. In this issue of Curb, we will explore the stories rooted in the dark – both literally and metaphorically.

Curb 2020

“Pause” — 2020 has challenged us in ways we did not foresee. The world is experiencing a new era of unrest and uncertainty, wrapped in a pandemic and spurred on by the ever-widening gap between those debating the best path forward. Instead of trying to sort through the noise and find what’s at the heart of it, we have stopped listening. This is why Curb invites you to join us in taking an intentional pause to reflect and notice the many voices that have gone unrecognized.

Curb 2019

“Navigate” — Every day we continue to confront new challenges that have the power to stop us in our tracks. This uncertainty forces us to ask: which way should we go when the directions aren’t always left or right? Whether big or small, every choice can alter the course and even cause us to lose our way. Luckily, they can also help guide us, and through each new path, there’s an opportunity for discovery. With 2020 on the horizon — and ultimately a new decade coming into view — we must continue to navigate our way through a labyrinth of decisions, where the future can’t always be seen with perfect vision.

Curb 2018

“FearLESS” — Fear is one of the few universal characteristics of humanity. But it is also about conquering your worries, challenging yourself and finding excitement in the unknown. In this issue of Curb, we explore how fears across the state of Wisconsin can push us to take risks that can have incredible rewards. We hope to show you that fear is boundless, and we are only limited by it if we allow ourselves to be.

Curb 2017

“Kinetic” — With every moment, comes the opportunity to move. We are kinetic, in a constant ebb and flow that colors our interactions and shapes us: who we are, where we’re going and what we’ll become. This magazine looks beneath the current to understand the forces currently framing our future, while preserving our past.

Curb 2016

“Wisconsin: A Love Story” — exploring the authentic, funny, heartbreaking and inspiring ways love shapes the lives of real people here in Wisconsin. Love, in all its complex forms, is something that unites us. Every single day, Wisconsinites show that love extends far beyond romantic borders. We have deep connections to the land, passions strong enough to ignite change and cherished traditions that span generations. As we traveled to every corner of the state, we were welcomed into homes and hearts, consistently humbled and motivated by the stories we heard.

Curb 2015

“Backroads & Boulevards” — Backroads & Boulevards, this year’s edition of Curb, takes a contemporary perspective on Wisconsin traditions. Inspired by Wisconsin’s motto, “Forward,” and our state’s dynamic urban and rural communities and the relationship between them, this year’s Curb offers an unprecedented variety of stories relevant to Wisconsinites across the state.

Curb 2014

“Natural Wisconsin” — Wisconsin identity is rooted in nature. Across the state, the land plays an integral role in its communities and passions.

Curb 2013

“Made by Wisconsin” — Wisconsin is filled with people who make, influence and innovate.  It is a place where unique cultures and legacies come together to create diverse communities.  The people of Wisconsin don’t just shape the state; the state shapes its people by staying true to its traditions while continuing to move forward. Curb is a chronicle of what it means to be “Made by Wisconsin.”

Curb 2012

“Where Identities Intersect” — With a sharp style, we examine issues and identities in our state, previously unknown to readers. Whether interpretive and influential, or witty and alert, our stories examine complexities within the four pillars of Wisconsin traditions: Cuisine, Arts, Community and People. Readers will learn more about Wisconsin identities, including their own. From villages to urban centers, our contrasting cultures have been giving Wisconsin character since 1848.

Curb 2011

“Anything but expected” — This year we’re celebrating the 10th edition of Curb Magazine, and we’ve returned to our founding philosophy. Curb is the lifestyle magazine for Wisconsinites who know what they want and aren’t afraid of the journey. Our staff and our readers share a hunger for Wisconsin’s best stories, uncharted adventures and remarkable people. At Curb and in Wisconsin, we love our beer and cheese, our sun and snow, our Green and Gold. That much hasn’t changed in 10 years. But we’ll always surprise you. To us, life is about the pursuit of the unexpected. In Wisconsin, there’s much to see beyond the curb.

Curb 2010

“The magazine with moxie” — Curb Magazine has targeted smart, bold women throughout Wisconsin. No other magazine speaks directly to Wisconsin women. Curb fills this gap by providing fascinating and relevant stories that inform, entertain and enrich women all over the state.

Curb 2009

“Work hard, play hard” — The philosophy Wisconsin men live by. Whether it’s developing the latest technologies or tailgating at a football game, Wisconsin men have a unique ability to balance an unparalleled work ethic and a passion for living life to the fullest.

Curb 2008

“Move Wisconsin forward” — The 2008 edition of Curb magazine showcases Wisconsin’s leading role in growing trends that readers can engage with to enhance their minds, bodies and souls.

Curb 2007

“Awaken your senses with Wisconsin arts” — stories reflecting on the sights, sounds, tastes and experiences in the state. Curb enlivens your senses, introducing you to the creative forces behind Wisconsin arts and strengthening your connection to the state.

Curb 2006

“Wisconsin’s fresh lifestyle magazine” —  give readers profiles of fascinating people, places and issues and alternative ideas of what the state is. Curb helps you live your life. Curb helps you look beyond the usual. And Curb helps you learn from Wisconsin’s own.

Curb 2005

“Creating balance for Wisconsin’s young professionals” — help readers balance work and personal lives, giving people a sense of spiritual security and a sense of the options available to them in the state.

Curb 2004

“For Wisconsin’s driven young professionals” — help counter the “brain drain” by showing young professionals how much the state has to offer in the arenas of community, business, arts and recreation. As a state, we are more exciting, influential and up-and-coming than we have ever been.

Curb 2003

“Wisconsin. Look Again.” — Tell Wisconsin’s untold stories in the arenas of education, government, environment, recreation, arts and social issues for readers who are committed to and involved in their communities. Approach that Curb. Cross it. And with our guidance, look again.

Curb 2002

“Pull over.” — Illuminate the Wisconsin everyone misses as they’re speeding through by capturing the unique, the quirky, the homegrown and the intriguing. So choose a destination and enjoy the ride.

Blackout: The dark side of the drunkest state in America

To outsiders, Wisconsin is best known for two things: beer and cheese. The former is a prominent part of the state’s culture. While tailgates and bar crawls can create social connections and happy memories, Wisconsin’s drinking culture can also take a dark turn for some people.