Which Wisconsin museum should you explore?

By Jane Houseal

Nothing satisfies curiosity and highlights a place’s unique history quite like a good museum. Wisconsin is full of museums that blend the future and the past to tell a different story important to the state’s identity. Play and education come together to bring visitors through a different time, a different culture or a niche collection. Whether you are a history buff, an art nerd or an adventure seeker, there is a museum for you. Take the quiz below to discover which Wisconsin museum you should add to your bucket list. 

1. What’s your favorite memory from grade school?

a. Collecting and trading whatever niche toy was trending at the time.  

b. Running around and playing tag with all my friends at recess.

c. Geeking out on history books in the library.

2. If your friends leave it up to you, where are you making dinner reservations? 

a. A new, kitschy restaurant that used to be a home.

b. I am showing off my grilling skills at my place.

c. Wherever, as long as I can see the lake from where I’m eating.

3. If you’re not responding to texts, it is probably because you’re… 

a. Digging through a local antique store to find new, quirky home decor.

b. Taking a joy ride of any sort and listening to my favorite album on full blast.

c. Learning something new! I always have my nose in a book or a video essay playing on YouTube.

4. Your friends would probably describe you as…

a. Genuine

b. Adventurous

c. Curious

5. How would you describe your personal style…

a. Eclectic yet comfortable, I am always making DIYs with my clothes.

b. Casual and cool, I love to throw on a statement piece with a trusty pair of jeans.

c. It’s always changing! I love to dress differently depending on my mood that day.

6. What does your ideal night include…

a. Trying something new

b. A performance of any kind

c. Interesting conversation

7. Your headphones are in. What are you listening to?

a. An indie mix, with the occasional comedy podcast.

b. Some 1980s rock and a little bit of country.

c. Whatever educational podcast I am binging at the moment.

If you got mostly As:

You should head just outside of Madison to the National Mustard Museum in Middleton. You tend to march to the beat of your drum, and you appreciate the unusual. Home to the “King of Condiments” overflowing collection of all things mustard memorabilia, the National Mustard Museum is truly one of a kind. And lucky for you, it’s in Wisconsin! You’ll learn the unique history of the condiment, learn new recipes and taste test some high-quality mustard. 

7477 Hubbard Ave., Middleton /

If you got mostly Bs:

Gear up for an adventure, because you’re going to love the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee. The Harley-Davidson Museum is more than just a museum, it’s an entire campus that dives deep into the lifestyle and cultures surrounding the motorcycle community. The Harley-Davidson brand is an iconic piece of Wisconsin history, as it was started in Milwaukee. The campus brings this history to life through guided tours, two kick-ass retail stores, and events and shows.

400 W. Canal St., Milwaukee /

If you got mostly Cs:

The Wisconsin Maritime Museum is calling your name! Discover Wisconsin’s connection to waterways and dive deep into maritime history through engaging programs, interactive exhibits and an impressive collection. You are drawn to water and love learning about history. The Wisconsin Maritime Museum combines both of these things, inviting visitors to “create personal and meaningful connections with our waterways.”

75 Maritime Drive, Manitowoc /